HomeID works as a familiar intercom system, only without wires, without terminal devices in apartments and additional servers
Cloud solution
To start you need:
Install the panel and connect it to the Internet
Register in the application
  • The service allows you to register an unlimited number of users (family members) for one apartment.
  • You can open the door using a key fob or a numeric code, just like with a regular intercom.
  • Smart control of the yard (remote opening of doors, gates, raising barriers, etc.) using smartphone application.
  • Users can view the video stream from both the calling panel and the already installed video surveillance system.
  • Contactless opening of locks
    VIA Bluetooth.
  • When calling an apartment, the call is sent to all users registered in the application.
Additional capabilities of the system
Ability to switch off receiving calls on the device
Receive a call
Guest access codes
Facial recognition access
Generate your own numeric code for a courier or guest. The code can be changed after use.
Display additional information, contacts.
Add. Information
About the service company
About the owners partnership
Personalization of the panel interface and client applications
Desktop color
Requirements for work
The HID Ultra panel and the HID Gate controller-reader must be connected to a power source and the Internet
Minimum Internet speed - from 3mbps
If the user does not have a smartphone or access to the Internet - a call is carried out on a land line or mobile phone (as a regular GSM call). To open the door to the user, it is enough to press “0” during the conversation.
What if the Internet disappears or is missing?
You cannot receive calls using the mobile application
Locks cannot be controlled via a mobile app
Use all the functions of a conventional intercom system
Open the door using a code (including a guest code), key fob or Bluetooth
Receive GSM calls to your mobile or land line
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