Video intercom
The calling panel is installed on the entrance door of the porch and performs the function of an intercom.
HID Ultra
The code to open the door is indicated in the mobile application in the information section.
To switch to input mode, you need to press “#” on the panel, dial the code and select the “Open door” button. A few seconds after opening the door, the panel will return to its initial mode.
For apartment owner
Apartment owner can use either application or RFID key fob or access code for door opening, or bluetooth, while being near to the device.
For guest
Standard operating principle:
calling the apartment or entering an access code.
How it works:
The guest dials the apartment number and presses the call button. The call goes out to all users registered in this apartment. Family member who receives the call immediately sees and hears the guest. To answer must press the microphone or simply open the door, until this moment the guest does not know that he is already seen and heard, the outgoing call will continue until it ends automatically.
of warranty
Ability to display any information or advertisement.
Changing the UI to suit any business needs
Night and day themes
RTSP stream
The user can manage newly installed locks in the application (new buttons for opening will be displayed automatically).
of several doors
Remote configuration and maintenance
No need to go on-site for device firmware updates or adjustments.
Possibility of installing several panels in the entrance and yard
Installation of the entry panel on the entrance door of the building and on each floor (on the doors in the lobby). On the panels for each floor, the number of apartments is indicated in the interface. When a guest arrives at the entrance, they will ring the intercom. Then, they will select the desired apartment from the panel in the lobby. The resident will receive both calls in the mobile app from different entry panels.
Operating system
Quad-core processor 1,2 GHz
Operative memory
1 Gb
Flash memory
8 Gb
  • Sensor TFT display 10,1" with heating;
  • Resolution 1200x800
  • 5 MP;
  • Stream till 1080p 30 fps;
  • Codec h.264;
  • IR lights till 10 m;
  • Horizontal view angle 175°, vertical 90 °
  • Amplifier 22w;
  • Two speakers 3 Wt each;
  • Noise suppression
Integrated, 52 dB
RFID frequency 13,56 MHz, card type Mifare / NFC
  • Two relay outputs of the dry contact type: 250 V 16 A AC1;
  • 4 galvanically isolated inputs: 12 - 250 V AC/DC;
  • Serial Interface line RS-485;
  • Ethernet Interface line;
  • Control output of the electric door lock: 12 DC < 2 A;
  • Input for connecting the door opening button.
Physical characteristics
  • Supply voltage 12DC;
  • Power consumption maximum 60W;
  • Operating temperature from -40 to +60° C, humidity up to 80%;
  • Cut-on/laid-on installation available;
  • Device dimensions 341 x 168 x 36 mm;
  • Mounting space dimensions 335 x 159 x 30 mm.
You cannot receive calls using the mobile application
Locks cannot be controlled via a mobile app
Use all the functions of a conventional intercom system
Open the door using a code (including a guest code), key fob or Bluetooth
Receive GSM calls to your mobile or land line
For apartment owners
If there is no internet connection between the intercom panel and the internet, the resident will not be able to open the doors by pressing buttons in the application. Access to the entrance can be gained using Bluetooth, access code, RFID key fob, or card.
For guests
If there is no internet connection on the intercom panel, the guest will not be able to make a call to the mobile application. The call will be directed to a mobile or landline number. In this case, only the number of the called apartment will be displayed on the intercom.
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