The device is installed in additional places, the opening of which must be controlled remotely.
HID Gate
For apartment owner
For a guest
Ways to open doors via HID Gate:
  • remotely by pressing a button in the application;
  • using Bluetooth, being nearby;
  • using an RFID key fob.
Scan the QR code, open the application in your phone browser, select needed apartment. To enter, make a call or enter the access code.
Operating principle
Most often, the controller is installed in additional places, the opening of which needs to be controlled remotely - barriers, parking lots, basements, fences for playgrounds, strollers, etc.

To work, you need an Internet connection.
of warranty
Possibility to use the HID Gate controller instead of the calling panel at the main entrance to the porch
The controller is connected to the lock on the door to the entrance. Apartments owners open the door in the same way as in the case of the calling panel.

The guest scans the QR code, opens the application in the browser, selects an apartment and makes a call.
Remote configuration
and maintenance
No need to go on-site for device firmware updates or adjustments.
multiple doors
The user can control newly installed locks in the application (new buttons for opening will appear automatically).
Possibility of installing several controllers in the entrance and in the yard
Example: several controllers are installed in the entrance, only its residents will have access to them. The device can also control access to a parking lot or barrier so that all residents of the house have the opportunity to open a lock common to the entire yard.
2.4GHz, V4.0 BLE
FID reader 13,56; Mifare / NFC cards
  • Relay output NO/NC: 250 V DC 1 А;
  • Alarm input: 12 - 250 V AC/DC;
  • Communication Protocol TCP/IP;
  • Electric lock control output: 12 V DC < 2 А;
  • Input (NO) for connecting the door open button.
Physical characteristics
  • Power Supply - 12 V DC / 1 А max 12 W;
  • Working temperature -35 to + 600, humidity 10 to 80%;
  • Wall mounting, Protective level IР66;
  • Dimensions 74 х 48 х 23 mm.
For the resident
If there is no internet connection on the controller, the resident will not be able to unlock the door from the app, but they will be able to use Bluetooth or an RFID key fob.
For the guest
If there is no internet connection on the controller, the guest will not be able to enter the guest code.
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