Advantages of using HomeID intercom
Reducing project costs and installation time
To operate the system, you do not need to design and lay wires, purchase terminal devices, additional switches and servers.

HomeID is a cloud solution. All you need to do is simply connect the devices to the Internet and carry out installation. The final receiving devices are smartphones, tablets or computers of users/residents.
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2 дня
Days to install the system on site
Bluetooth card reader
HID Gate
Video intercom
HID Ultra
Device and application branding
By choosing the HomeID system, you strengthen your brand. Set your company logo and choose a design color that suits your corporate style.
Customization of the panel interface and client applications
Desktop color
Installation of the developer logo
Posting news, promotions and other information
Attractiveness and convenience of housing
When choosing a place to live, many people consider not only the location, size, and cost but also the comfort of living, including aesthetics. An essential element of home appeal and safety is the intercom system.

Innovative solutions in the field of intercoms can significantly enhance the attractiveness of a property. Our system features functions such as remote access control, video surveillance, and facial recognition. All of these contribute to a higher level of comfort in daily living.
Service support and improvement
We are constantly working to improve our products and services to provide maximum convenience and safety for our customers.
We follow new trends and developments in order to constantly offer innovative solutions to our clients.
We have our own technical service, support that quickly and efficiently responds to customer requests.
We train users in the correct use of devices to avoid mistakes and damage. We have developed a number of operating instructions.
We can install, configure and maintain HomeID systems by our own.
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